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To maintain our high standards we only accept new employees that are members to the Association of Super Recognisers to the standard of LSRA

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If you are looking for jobs in the police service, forensics, answer emergency calls or help out our Police service in other ways,
All Police Jobs lists is a powerful job database that lists all police forces across England and Wales.

Visit to search hundreds of jobs listed daily.

Super Recogniser Online Courses

Have you got an amazing memory for human faces? If you are interested in Super Recognition or want to use your skill for fun, the Online Course is an entry level course on the world of Super Recognisers. Develop your Super Recogniser short and long term identification skills, learn behavioural detection training and operational tactics, whilst having an understanding of the current legal, evidential & data protection issues relating to Super Recognisers and gaining an awareness of current threats and crime trends.

Your skills could open a career in helping law enforcement, security companies, Armed Forces or other organisations.

Hire Super Recogniser Professionals for Your Event

Metropolitan Police, Thames Valley, City of London, West Midlands and Jersey police all use Super Recognisers International’s services in the investigation of crimes relating to murder and other serious offences. We also have links to military services worldwide.

For private security our operatives have been deployed at major venues (such as the NEC and O2) as well at large sporting events (including Premiership Football, Wimbledon Tennis and the Royal Windsor Horse Show). We can provide the following services:

CCTV Footage Review
Consultancy Services
Post Event Analysis
Live Deployment
Linked Series Identification
Image Identification
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