Ancestry Facial Recognition

Historical and Family Identification From Super Recognisers International

Our Super Recognisers offer a unique service to identify friends and relatives in images. We can even work with paintings and other art-work.

Historical Identifications

There is much interest in genealogy and tracing family history. People are more and more interested in identifying their relatives in old photographs. But, this is particularly difficult if the photographs are group images taken at school or during military service. Our Super Recognisers are skilled in this field and have assisted private individuals and the media.

The Times newspaper requested Super Recogniser Dale Nufer, now retired from the Metropolitan Police and working for SRI, to identify an iconic image of a soldier from the Great War.

See the story Police ‘super-recogniser’ sheds new light on hero in WWI propaganda | Daily Mail Online

Our Super Recognisers can also work with paintings and provide reports on who it is believed to be depicted.

Family Identifications

Our Super Recognisers can identify family ancestry from old photos and compare a face of a presumed ancestor in your family tree to spot distant relatives, with far more accuracy than the best face recognition software.

You may suspect that a partner or friend has been captured on video or is shown in an image and you wish to confirm their identification. If necessary, we can provide court-ready evidence.


£175 for a Yes / No statement as to whether a person features in a photograph

£350 for a report detailing reasons for a identification (or not)

£950 for a court-ready statement

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