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Entry-level course for Super Recogniser accreditation and recruitment.  Increase your salary or open new career paths as a certified Super Recogniser. Ever thought you are good at remembering faces? You could be a Super Recogniser.

Online Super Recogniser Courses – Do you have an amazing memory for human faces? Open new career paths as a certified super recogniser.

Super recogniser skills are needed within law enforcement, security, the military as well as other organisations such as within the hospitality sector and AI (Artificial Intelligence) development. Develop your unique super recogniser skills and become accredited.

Super Recogniser Online Courses

Have you got an amazing memory for human faces? If you are interested in Super Recognition or want to use your skill for fun, the Online Course is an entry-level course on the world of Super Recognisers. Develop your Super Recogniser short and long term identification skills, as well as matching images and spotting faces in a crowd.

You will also be instructed in behavioural detection and operational Super Recognition tactics (used to solve crime across the world). Importantly, you will gain an understanding of the current legal, evidential & data protection issues relating to Super Recognisers and gain an awareness of future threats and crime trends. Your skills could open a new career in helping law enforcement, security companies, Armed Forces or other organisations.

Super Recogniser Online Course Syllabus

Courses for 2024 

27th to 29th February &

18th to 20th June

Cost £395

Discounted price of £250 for ASR members. To join the ASR click here

“… I enjoy observing the behaviours of others and understanding the ‘why’ behind them/what makes people tick. I also enjoyed the explanation of the biological responses to stress and how they are manifested in a person’s demeanour and/or behaviour… I loved it, it was worth getting up at 2am each day!”

Katie Berry, United States

Course Taken September 2021

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Super Recogniser Course, Graduate Feedback

Everyday people who have taken our Online & Enhanced (Professional) Super Recogniser courses.

Sean – Wales

“The super recogniser course was not only enjoyable but also invaluable to any anybody interested in this field of work. It gives an excellent foundation in the necessary laws and codes of conduct to ensure your work is of the highest standard and the speakers were each excellent and gave brilliant insights into their field of expertise. It is a course I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet taken the chance to take part.”

Pascal – Germany

“The course was successfully organized, well structured, and highly informative. All speakers are experts in their particular field. They conveyed much information and much to learn, it was a pleasure to take part. I highly recommend this course to those who want to get tested professionally whether they have Super Recognition skills and to everyone interested in this particular field.”

Germán – Spain

“I found the course extremely valuable. Not only do you assess your potential as a Super Recogniser but you also learn all the legal things that are relevant to this job. Mike delivers a very good training course and participants also get to learn from other professionals, who are experts in their field. I particularly enjoyed the insight given by Kelly, who really brings alive what it is like to do such an interesting job. Everything was very nicely explained.”

Adele – England

“The super recogniser course is extremely interesting and engaging. It was well-paced and the timings of the sessions were good, nothing felt rushed. There was time to ask questions, and… everyone got the opportunity to be heard if they had a question. The course layout with additional presenters made for a varied and interesting format.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard price is £375, but you can get the early bird price of £299 if booking 4 weeks prior to the course begins.

Members of the Association of Super Recognisers can access an exclusive discounted price of £240.

We take enrolments until each course is full, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, ideally 4 or more weeks before the start date. Your place on a course is only guaranteed once the fee has been received.

There is NO need to have a background in security, the military or law enforcement. Super Recognisers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

We recommend, however, that you take the initial assessment by the Greenwich University. In some circumstances, students with a high scoring result on this test can access a special discount.

The course is structured over 2.5 days, with live webinars each day.

Links to the webinars are sent to students 24 hours prior to the live meeting and a recording of this is sent to all students 24 hours later.

All examinations are independently reviewed by sector leaders and backed by the University of Greenwich. Super Recognisers Licenses are awarded on successful completion. These are signed and presented by Lord Lingfield, the Chairman of the Association of Super Recognisers.
Because the courses are online you are welcome to attend from any country in the world.

You are required to attend live classes that run to UK time, so please be sure to check what time the sessions will occur in your local time to ensure you can attend.

All courses will be taught in English so you will need a good level of spoken and written English.

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