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Image Identification Services From Super Recognisers International

Super Recognisers can assist many businesses, media stories or projects beyond crime fighting. Our team’s superior face-recognition abilities can help your business make a winning connection with a VIP client or identify those involved in industrial espionage. As a media organisation, you may want the identities of those involved in high profile incidents confirmed before releasing a story. Or perhaps you have historical photographs or paintings and would like to know the identities of those depicted. We can assist as Super Recognisers have different face processing strategies than the rest of the population, meaning they display a heightened ability to recognise people despite ageing or undergoing major changes of appearance.

Identifying People From Images

Matching two faces when presented simultaneously is a notoriously difficult task, particularly, if the images show some similarities or there are long time periods between the two image captures. Such tasks are fundamental in deciding whether two instances of a face represent the same identity. Super Recognisers International Ltd specialise in identifying faces under rigorous and complex circumstances. It is now accepted that Super Recognisers do not need to ‘know’ the individual personally in order to identify them, as long as we have a valid initial image, then we will identify the individual from that image alone. Many convictions at court have proved this ability!

With the background information provided, together with the imagery, be it either still or moving footage, we will conduct a full review and make every effort to identify that person or link them to other images. We use several different techniques to achieve this task.

Image Comparison

There are several instances whereby our Super Recognisers have conducted image comparisons to determine someone’s identity:

It has been found that in some countries, medical and other students may use proxies to sit exams for them, manipulating their photos to look more like them. Our operatives conduct image comparisons to confirm if it is the same person attending and create a comprehensive statement of their findings should there have been an attempt at deception.

At border controls our Super Recognisers are naturally gifted when it comes to image comparisons. Should an E-passport machine fail, then Super Recognisers can either be based at your location and conduct a live image comparison or conduct a remote comparison of the passport and individual presenting by images sent via our secure communications network.

With international news stories, it is vital that identities are confirmed to ensure that legal action cannot be taken against media outlets. Our operatives can work with news desks and other media organisations to quickly check identities.

You may have historical family or military photographs, where you would like to confirm those present depicted, particularly in group photos. OR you may have a painting and wish to know the subject. Our Super Recognisers can quickly confirm identities and, where necessary, produce a detailed report.

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