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Our courses offer an unparalleled learning experience with the latest in the science of super recognition. Gain an internationally recognised certification that upholds the quality, scope and content, essential to maintain trust and confidence in the profession.

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Super Recogniser training course types.  Book now to boost your career opportunities and salary. All our courses include exam and certification.

Online Course Certificate Super Recognisers International - Kent, England - Main backgroundTest your abilities against industry standards and train to gain recognition as a Super Recogniser

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Specialised Pro Course Certificate Super Recognisers International - Kent, England - Main backgroundDesigned for law enforcement agencies wanting to develop the skills of their existing units.

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Why choose Super Recognisers International

A small percentage of the population have superior face recognition abilities, in other words: they never forget a face.  We are the world leaders in human recognition and have over 20 years combined experience in assessing and training individuals with such innate abilities to identify and maximise their potential.

Today, trained Super Recognisers help assist in crime solving and finding dangerous or vulnerable people. Be part of an elite of professionals with an industry recognised certification and kick-start as a licence Super Recogniser.

Course Certificates Super Recognisers International - Kent, England - Main background

“During times of austerity, where we need to make best use of our resources and spend wisely – what better than to utilise the skills our officers and staff already possess! The use of Super Recognisers to link offences, to enhance the process of serious crime CCTV reviews, to spot potential offenders in a crowd before they commit offences are just some of the great ways Super Recognisers can be used. And it’s not just limited to Police Officers! We also have staff from departments such as CCTV and Control Room, so it really is an inclusive role.”

Detective Inspector Steve Jones, Thames Valley Police 

Who are the courses aimed to?

There is NO need to have a background in security, the military or law enforcement. Super Recognisers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We recommend, however, that you take the initial assessment by the Greenwich University. In some circumstances, students with a high scoring result on this test can access a special discount.

The ability to recognise faces is present across all ethnicities. Our online courses attract students from all over the world.  All you need is access to the internet and a good understanding of English language.

What will I learn?

  • Scientific testing to identify short term, long term and crowd identification skills
  • Legal, evidential & data protection issues relating to Super Recognisers (some sections relate to UK and EU law, but generic rules will apply to all jurisdictions and US and Australian law is noted)
  • Behavioural detection training
  • Future crime trends
  • How Super Recognisers can work with latest video analytics
  • Operational Super Recognisers tactics & exercises

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