Super Recognisers Services

Our leadership team of senior security personnel, a mix of retired police officers, university professors and professional Super Recognisers, creates a unique mix of skills and business expertise.


Consultancy Services

Super Recognisers International consultancy and expert witness. Trained investigators of CCTV, releasing your existing resources.


Post Event CCTV Analysis

Post-event CCTV footage analysis. Trained investigators building your case from CCTV video footage. Super Recognisers International world leaders in CCTV Investigation.


Linked Series Identification

Linked Series Identification catching serial offenders/shoplifters targeting the same business. Linked series investigation services


Image Identification Service

Image & suspect identification services from Super Recognisers International recruitment. Hire certified Super Recognisers for your event's security or investigation.

Super Recogniser Recruitment & Association

Clients who use our Super Recogniser agency recruitment services.  Click on a logo to visit their website.

Why Choose our Services?

In London alone it is estimated there is one CCTV camera for every fourteen people. Surveillance technology is continually advancing and can be utilised to deliver clearer video imagery containing footage of crimes and missing persons. Processing that amount of data can take an enormous amount of resources from your organisation, increasing costs and lead times. This is where Super Recognisers International can assist by deploying our specialist SRI CCTV Analyst Units (CAU).

We have over 10 years experience tailoring solutions for the individual needs of a wide range of organisations, from sporting events and football clubs to highly specialised security teams and software developing companies. Our services accommodates all size businesses and can take various forms.

Whatever you need from locating a missing person to verifying identification, our dedicated team of professionals will help tailor a package to suit you.

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