Consultancy & Expert Witness

Super Recognisers International consultancy and expert witness. Trained investigators of CCTV, releasing your existing resources.

The team at Super Recognisers International have helped to solve crime in numerous countries in and outside the United Kingdom and advising police forces and agencies from across the world. We work with police forces, law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, security organisations, CCTV manufacturers and installers and software designers on the best use of imagery as a human face recognition tool to help prevent and detect crime and to help find vulnerable or missing people.

Security Consultancy

Super Recognisers International can provide consultancy services in face recognition and CCTV systems to a wide range of organisations. Our extensive experience in working with the unique legal and cultural particularities of organisations across the globe means that we regularly advise governmental bodies on how to set up and implement CCTV (and mobile hardware) systems in an effective way, as well as collaborating with other security and private organisations developing their existing hardware and staffing resources.

We can advise on

  • The type of footage required to prosecute offenders
  • The ability of your staff to download and provide the right images and evidence
  • The most effective use of your images to prevent further offences
  • Collaborate with other organisations to ensure your images are used effectively
  • Compliance with legislation & Codes of Practice

In addition, we frequently collaborate with retailers, manufacturers and software engineering companies developing biometric technology for security purposes, such as assisting in the defeat of extremismorganised crime and disorder, as well as identification of VIP’s and missing individuals.

We can also provide consultancy on the deployment of the Super Recogniser capability at pre-planned events and in response to individual incidents.  We have vast experience in the use of CCTV systems, resilience and security systems, behavioural analysis and much more.

We envisage the Super Recogniser skills to now form the third side of the forensic science triangle alongside fingerprints and DNA matching – both disciplines have made a huge and demonstrable contribution to deterrence and crime-fighting over the past 40 years, a third chapter now emerges.

Whether deployed at Bronze, Silver or Gold command levels, Super Recognisers are set to contribute to the never-ending battle against criminality in all its forms and to complement policing and security services restricted by resource and fiscal pressures.

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Super Recognisers International Services List

A services list of Super Recognisers International training & recruitment.


Consultancy Services

Super Recognisers International consultancy and expert witness. Trained investigators of CCTV, releasing your existing resources.


Post Event CCTV Analysis

Post-event CCTV footage analysis. Trained investigators building your case from CCTV video footage. Super Recognisers International world leaders in CCTV Investigation.


Linked Series Identification

Linked Series Identification catching serial offenders/shoplifters targeting the same business. Linked series investigation services


Image Identification Service

Image & suspect identification services from Super Recognisers International recruitment. Hire certified Super Recognisers for your event's security or investigation.