Super Recognisers Skills Tests

Could you be a Super Recogniser? If you have a talent for remembering people’s faces, even if you’ve only seen them briefly, you may be a Super Recogniser. Take the Super Recognisers Aptitude Test today and level up with the best in the world.

40,000 people in a crowded stadium, can you spot the suspect?

All humans are hard-wired to recognise faces, but only a few individuals have the innate skills to make them a ‘Super-Recogniser’. These tests will establish your super recognition abilities in relation to short and long term identification and spotting faces in crowds. These tests will clearly show if you fall within the top scoring population in relation to this skill. The cost of the enhanced test and analysis of the results is £60. This is a one-off payment. If you subsequently attend a super recogniser course, this fee will be deducted from the full price cost of that course.

Free fun test University of Greenwhich- Super Recognisers International - Kent, EnglandTake the Greenwich University free ‘fun’ test and see how you level up against the world community.

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Enhanced test - Super Recognisers International - Kent, EnglandIf you wish to ascertain your true potential as a Super Recogniser you will need to take more detailed testing.

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