Live Event Spotters & CCTV Security

Facial recognition security services for concerts, live events & football stadiums. Can you spot a suspect in a crowd?

Live events, with large crowds and VIPs, can present easy targets to terrorists, criminals and known troublemakers, including banned fans. The Manchester Arena bombing starkly shows the dangers of terrorism and how dangerous suspects can be missed by security teams. Super Recognisers International, whose operatives have a natural ability to recognise faces, with training in spotting suspicious behaviour, can significantly enhance your security teams and make any event safer.

Live Deployment At Events

Security is one of the most important aspects of your live event and inadequate security can pose a risk to the general public. Super Recognisers International can provide bespoke services covering all kinds of events at any venue, supporting you every step of the way to help you plan for the unexpected.

We offer both covert and overt teams of Super Recognisers, who work with the law enforcement agencies, private security teams, or even independently, as required by the event security manager.

We provide our customers with comprehensive package of advice, support, recognition and analysis pre-event, during the operation and at the subsequent debrief.

Some examples of this are:

Football Stadiums/Sporting Events

Despite their prohibition, banned supporters frequently attempt to gain access into football games and they tend to buy their tickets from touts who surround the stadiums in order to access the ground. We can also spot those involved in illegal betting. Major tournaments, such as Wimbledon Tennis and the Royal Windsor Horse Show, have also benefitted from the discrete deployment of Super Recognisers.

Concerts & Festival CCTV Security

Organised Crime Networks (OCNs) target music festivals and concerts all over the world. Some OCNs even follow individual bands on their tours all over the world to target fans who they have identified as soft targets due to the dynamics of the crowd. Known drug dealers may also attend such events.

Our covert units work with security at these large venues to detect, identify and locate these offenders. They have done so successfully on many occasions including concerts by Slip Knot and The Libertines.

On these occasions, when Super Recognisers have attended and worked with the local security teams, no thefts at all were reported at the venues although at every previous concert, thefts of mobile phones and personal effects had been reported in high volumes.

Events Involving Animals

Events involving animals, even seemingly benign competitions such as Cruft’s Dog Show, can attract activists, who are determined to cause disruption. Our operatives can assist security teams to identify potential threats to ensure the smooth running of shows.

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Super Recognisers International consultancy and expert witness. Trained investigators of CCTV, releasing your existing resources.


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Image & suspect identification services from Super Recognisers International recruitment. Hire certified Super Recognisers for your event's security or investigation.