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Solve crimes and find missing people

Specially developed for security professionals, the course is aimed to identify and enhance personnel’s Super Recogniser skills within police forces, the military and private security companies.

Super Recogniser officers are used to fight terrorism, solve crimes and find missing and vulnerable people. This licentiate course has been specifically designed to identify and develop the skills of personnel within police forces, the military and specialised security teams and CCTV Control Rooms. This course is booked by agencies and companies for a minimum of 20 students. Attendance is strictly controlled.

This course can be delivered on line (2.5 days) or face to face (5 days, including operational exercise).

Online Super Recogniser Services Used By Leading Institutions

Our clients include law enforcement agencies, military intelligence units, border control, financial institutions and even casinos.  We have over 10 years experience selecting and training their Super Recogniser units to fight crime and antisocial behaviour.

Super Recognisers have played a major part in cracking murder and terrorism cases and have solved thousands of other crimes, including robbery, burglary, rape and theft, by viewing CCTV (live or post event) or spotting suspects in the street.   At major events, they have enhanced security teams and prevented crime and disruption.

Where automated facial recognition systems are in place, Super Recognisers are the key to ensuring that facial recognition software, deployed by police or CCTV control rooms, delivers even more results AND has the best human intervention to make its use more ethical.

Advanced Super Recogniser Operative Training Process

1. Initial Assessment

An initial visit or online meeting, to discuss and understand your needs and requirements to develop your operators.  A briefing document is prepared with the findings and this will be discussed with you.

2. Online Test

Staff inform their supervisor of their score and the names of all  high scoring results to be reported to SRI. You will also identify people who are very poor at face recognition and this can help you to decide their role in the organisation.

3. Enhanced Testing

The next step is to carry out enhanced testing to identify those selected team members’ skills in the following areas: Short and long term recognition, image matching as well as spotting faces in crowds.

4. Pro Training Course

Delivered by experts with operational and strategic experience of the New Scotland Yard Super Recogniser Unit, armed forces and security industry, together with a behavioural detection expert.

5. Qualification

Successful completion of the course will result in staff being formally recognised as Licentiates of the Association of Super Recognisers, which regulates the use of SRs. The agencies involved will be made corporate members.

6. Continual Development

It is known that Super Recogniser skills fade with age, hence re-testing will be conducted every two to three years to find new Super Recognisers and inform your force of those whose performance has declined.

Opinion From Law Enforcement Decision Maker’s

“During times of austerity, where we need to make best use of our resources and spend wisely – what better than to utilise the skills our officers and staff already possess! The use of Super Recognisers to link offences, to enhance the process of serious crime CCTV reviews, to spot potential offenders in a crowd before they commit offences are just some of the great ways Super Recognisers can be used. And it’s not just limited to Police Officers! We also have staff from departments such as CCTV and Control Room, so it really is an inclusive role.”

Detective Inspector Steve Jones, Thames Valley Police 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start at £250 per student, but may increase due to bespoke course content.

A minimum of 20 students per course is required.

This bespoke courses are specifically designed for the police and military forces and the private security sector.  However, any team can attend the sessions, whether based in the UK or abroad.

Some of the learning objectives covered in this course are

· To train Super Recognisers to use their skills to best effect to identify suspects and other persons of interest.

· To train the SRs to use their ability to enhance computerised facial recognition systems and video analytics.

· To enhance Super Recognisers with behavioural detection training, so that they can spot persons displaying unusual or suspicious behaviour.

· To ensure students have a knowledge of legal, evidential, privacy & data protection issues relating to Super Recognisers (bespoke to local legislation).

· To show how their skills can be used to target current threats and crime trends.

· To train Super Recognisers in operational tactics.

· To test these abilities by realistic exercises.

· Bespoke training requirements can be included.

The courses are widely recognised and accepted by security companies and the police.

Testing is conducted by he University of Greenwich and all examinations are independently reviewed by sector leaders.

We work with corporations and home security across the globe.  Get in touch today to see how we can elevate your team’s skills.

Yes, courses can be given in person or online.

Hire Super Recogniser Professionals for Your Event

Metropolitan Police, Thames Valley, City of London, West Midlands and Jersey police all use Super Recognisers International’s services in the investigation of crimes relating to murder and other serious offences. We also have links to military services worldwide.

For private security our operatives have been deployed at major venues (such as the NEC and O2) as well at large sporting events (including Premiership Football, Wimbledon Tennis and the Royal Windsor Horse Show). We can provide the following services:

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