CCTV Trawl & Viewing Service

A vital part of any investigation, time-sensitive due to CCTV overwriting within seven days. Bulk trawl CCTV footage with Super Recognisers

Throughout the world, CCTV footage is being increasingly used as a valuable tool to convict offenders and to ensure justice is provided to victims of crime. The London Riots of 2011, followed by the Cologne Sex Attacks and Hillsborough Enquiry and, most recently the Grenfell Tower investigation, have led to a greater reliance on the innate abilities of Super Recognisers to identify criminals and find victims, who were captured on surveillance cameras or other video recording devices.

CCTV Trawl & Volume CCTV Analysis

At SRI Ltd we can provide CCTV and digital crime experts for the police or defence solicitors to find vital CCTV evidence. Our specialists are experienced when it comes to planning and conducting a thorough CCTV trawl of public and privately owned cameras. This can be the most vital part of any investigation and can be time sensitive due to CCTV overwriting within a few days, there is no time to waste or vital evidence and information could be lost forever. Our experts use specially designed download devices to safely capture and secure the footage and they understand the importance of the continuity of evidence. Statements relating to the seizure (and any subsequent viewing or production of stills) are always provided to the client.

If your organisation requires CCTV Trawling services, get in touch today and one of our customer representatives will call you back to discuss your needs and how Super Recognisers International can assist your organisation.

In relation to viewing CCTV and finding persons of interest captured thereon, automated facial recognition software works well when presented with clear, close up images of a face staring at the camera standing still. In reality, however, CCTV footage is often grainy, poor quality and individual faces are often obstructed by make-up, masks and hairstyles. Our Super Recogniser operatives are experienced when it comes to conducting a thorough CCTV viewing and finding offenders or victims in multiple locations. Where required, evidential statements are provided.

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