Post Event CCTV Analysis

The UK is one of the most surveilled countries in the developed World with London topping the list of most observed cities. This became abundantly apparent after the London riots of 2011 with vast amounts of CCTV imagery being seized in relation to those disturbances, resulting in thousands upon thousands of lost hours whereby police officers had to be away from their duties on the street whilst reviewing CCTV footage.

This is where SRI can now assist in a most practicable way. Our SRCAU teams conduct the reviews, using the most up to date software available. These experts are naturally gifted in spotting things which others may miss as they are Super Recognisers. With them also being trained investigators, they know exactly what evidence they are looking for to generate a convincing case which will bring justice and resolution to those who have suffered loss and trauma during the violence and mayhem of such widespread looting and lawlessness.

Upon completion of the review of such incidents, clients will receive a full report and debrief, along with relevant statements, summaries, still and video imagery on either an encrypted USB stick or by a method required by the client. If required, clients may also recieve daily updates from their dedicated SR case officer.