Missing Persons

According to BBC News, over 300,000 calls were made to the police in 2015 to report missing persons. Most of these missing individuals return after a short space of time, however, many disappear for much longer periods, with some never being found at all. Such cases can lead intense stress and anxiety for the families of those left behind in the hope of recovering their loved ones.

After a prolonged period of time, missing people's appearance will inevitably change as they age and mature. Our Super Recognisers are experienced in observing these changes yet still being able to identify the individuals.

Our cold case teams will conduct a full and fresh investigation into the case and your dedicated Super Recogniser point of contact will give you frequent updates on the situation as the case progresses. We also conduct rapid deployments in relation to active cases whereby a person has just gone missing or maybe at high risk.

We often deploy to work with police forces on the ground so our specialist CAU can review the CCTV in relation to the case. This may lead to witnesses, or persons of interest, being located on CCTV but still need to be identified.

Our overt or covert Super Recogniser units, which ever are most suitable, will then deploy to try and detect, locate and identify these subjects in order that the case may be progressed.

We have several other tactics and operational capabilities available when trying to locate a missing person and we always closely work with the client to devise the best course of action in relation to the direction of the investigation.