Live Deployment

A 'live deployment' operation may be necessary in certain situations and where necessary, we can either conduct a 'Rapid Response Deployment (RRD)' when and if the situation requires immediate attention or a 'Pre-Planned Deployment (PPD)' whereby we shall ensure that the necessary personnel and resource will be available on the date you require, to plan and support your event or operation.

We offer both covert and overt teams of Super Recognisers who work with the law enforcement agencies, private security teams or even independently, depending on the circumstances at the time, to deploy to assist them with their operations and duties.

With our officers being professionally and identified and academically qualified as Super Recognisers and having received further training in relation to behavioural analysis/detection, gait analysis and facial mapping, our customer receive a fully comprehensive package of advice, support, recognition and analysis pre-event, during the operation and at the subsequent debrief.

Some examples of this are:

Football Stadiums/Sporting Events

In spite of their prohibition, banned supporters frequently attempt to gain access into football games and they tend to buy their tickets from touts who surround the stadiums in order to access the ground.

Our covert teams work closely with the stadium's own security officers to detect, identify and locate these offenders and build the evidence necessary to result in a successful prosecution against these persistent offenders.


Organised Crime Networks (OCN'S) target music festivals and concerts all over the world. Some OCNS's even follow individual bands on their tours all over the World to target certain fans who they have identified as soft targets due to the dynamics of the crowd and individual fans.

Our covert units work with security at these large venues to detect, identify and locate these offenders. They have done so successfully on many occasions including concerts by Slip Knot and The Libertines.

On these occasions, when Super Recognisers have attended and worked with the local security teams, no thefts at all were reported at the venues although at every previous concert of these 2 bands, thefts of mobile phones and personal effects had been reported in high volumes.