Image Identification

Every day, images of people are seen in the press and on the news media who are unidentified: but someone, somewhere will know them.

They may need to be identified for a variety of reasons such as for a witness appeal or in relation to a recent serious crime. SRI Limited specialise in identifying these people. It is now accepted that Super Recognisers do not need to 'know' the individual personally in order to identify them, as long as we have a valid initial image, then we will identify the individual from that image alone.

With the background information provided, together with the imagery, be it either still or CCTV, we will conduct a full review and make every effort to identify that person. We use several different techniques to achieve this task, along with assistance from other agencies image sources.

Image Comparison

There are several instances whereby our Super Recognisers, who receive further specialist training in facial mapping, have conducted image comparisons with the following examples;

It has been found that in India, some medical students have been using proxies to sit exams for them and manipulating their photos to look more like them.

Our agents conduct image comparisons to confirm if it is the same person attending, as in the original images provided and once complete, they create a full and comprehensive statement of their findings should there be an attempt at deception.

Another instance is border control/ E-passport machines. Our Super Recognisers are naturally gifted when it comes to image comparisons. Should an E-passport machine fail, then Super Recognisers can either be based at your location and conduct a live image comparison or conduct a remote comparison of the passport and individual presenting by images sent via our secure communications network.